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Jemma has the most beautiful smile, the whole world lights up when shes happy, she makes living easier and cares about important people in her life, she makes you feel safe and gives you motivation in your life.

Jemma Rajpaul

Jemma's complexity will leave you dumb if you dont know her. She has a soul that will burn you if you are not used to its touch.

Jemma dabs in front of Dantdm

Everything Jemma says will full your spirit like the best food ever. Jemma is a rare name used for a very special soul. Jemma has lots of features that capture your heart , her eyes are green gold and her smile makes you really happy, Jemma is a girl whos loud but quite and strong and sensitive who makes time for the people she cares about, she can look after herself really well, shes super nice but will destroy you if she dont like you.

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Jemma is someone everyone is happy to be around , If you get annoyed by Jemma you just dont know Jemma, for the people she cares about Jemma is the best person ever. Shes a loving girl thats perfect in every way and gives your whole world a reason to carry on. A Jemma will make or break you. A Jemma a day keeps the soul at bay. Jemma is life. Jemma makes me smile, for quite a while. A name for the most beuatiful girl around.

Dr Jemma Hawkins

Her laugh will put a smile on your face. She's talented, funny and always tries to make you happy. More footsteps, this time coming up a flight of stairs, but when their owner appears in the doorway Fitz just about forgets that he had ever felt relieved, because the woman standing in front of him is not Simmons. Or at least, she is not the Simmons he had left behind.

Jemma Jackson

In which Fitz gets knocked out and discovers just how powerful desire can be. Drabbles for aosficnet2's July challenge. These were all posted on Tumblr. I just wanted to keep them together here. March Since Shield fell, Natasha and Steve were closer than ever. But when a rouge night of drunken games at the Avengers Tower changes their relationship, it opens a whole new world that neither of them could ever expect.

A collection of drabbles of all shapes and sizes, mostly centered around Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz and company. Settle down with a kid in a cottage in Perthshire was the dream, right? Until the day FitzSimmons realizes that a kid with his temperament and her attitude plus their collective genius just might be more than a match for them. Alternate story line to the Space Saga not that I am not enjoying it, just started it before S5 began : The team is living in the burnt-out half wrecked base, trying to put things back together when Simmons discovers a secret buried in SHIELD files that will effect everyone.

Fitz develops a new framework with new parameters in order to help a few agents gain something they thought lost forever. But, even though the program is altruistic in nature, problems develop. Severe headaches, unexplained virus and avatars that can exist outside Fitz' work plague everyone.

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  • Can this program show everyone the truths they've chosen to ignore or will the memories be too difficult to face? Chapter one - Simmons shocks Coulson with her discovery and he reciprocates with a devastating story of loss. I have a particular interest in school and community-based interventions for health improvement, with a focus on physical activity and mental health promotion. I have expertise and experience in mixed methods evaluations of complex public health interventions including trial methods, process evaluation methods and collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to intervention design with key stakeholders.

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      Home People. Media commentator Available for postgraduate supervision. Date Type Selected Bartelink, N. Process evaluation of the healthy primary School of the Future: the key learning points. BMC Public Health 19 1 , article number: Acceptability and feasibility of implementing accelerometry-based activity monitors and a linked web portal in an exercise referral scheme: A mixed-methods feasibility randomized controlled trial.

      Journal of Medical Internet Research 21 3 , article number: e From complex social interventions to interventions in complex social systems: future directions and unresolved questions for intervention development and evaluation. Evaluation 25 1 , pp. School, peer and family relationships and adolescent substance use, subjective wellbeing and mental health symptoms in Wales: a cross sectional study.

      Jemma knit tunic with pockets (PDF) – Sinclair patterns

      Child Indicators Research 11 6 , pp. The role of social capital and community belongingness for exercise adherence: An exploratory study of the CrossFit gym model. Journal of Health Psychology 23 12 , pp. Health improvement and educational attainment in secondary schools: complementary or competing priorities?