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As folklore would have it, chupacabras can be found in North, Central, and South America. The best chupacabra movies come in many forms. Some chupacabra films are horror movies while other good chupacabra pictures are family films. Many famous actors have appeared in popular chupacabra movies like John Rhys-Davies and Erik Estrada.

What projects will you find on this list of all chupacabra movies? This film — starring Casey Kasem, Rita Moreno, and more — finds Scooby and the gang searching for el chupacabra.

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As with many Scooby-Doo mysteries, a twist ending reveals the truth behind the monster. Chupacabra: Dark Seas is another good chupacabra movie. Written by Phil Swain. The worst - A mindless and complete waste of time When I first saw that this was showing, I was excited. An indie about the Chupacabra, the Mexican Goat Sucker. I sure hoped that this would be a good solid film about this North American mythological creature. Boy was I wrong. This was described as 'action packed and a thrill ride'.

Perhaps the writer got drunk and mistakenly jumped onto the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland, bumped his noggin and in a "coma induced stupor" thought he was reviewing "Night of the Chupacabra". I saw this film yes, you can call it a film, it was shot on 35mm? So I watched and watched, and to my utter horror, it never got better. So some stoner kids who are never truly introduced so we're never clear as to who they are, go out and drink beer and see a 'meteorite' crash into the earth. Except it is an alien spacecraft carrying a midget in a rubber mask.

So we are introduced to the legendary 'Chupacabra'.

Bloody New Trailer for Brazilian B-Movie The Night of the Chupacabras - Dread Central

So we are introduced to a myriad of new characters, some men in black, some other guys, some TV show producers, Some reality TV game show contestants, some fugitive Russian serial killer who I suppose is innocent? The most obvious problem here is that there is no story structure, none, nada, zip. Just half a dozen or more plot threads that pop up, spew toxic fumes and then trail off like the dying emissions of a old fart.

The character banter on and on, ad nauseum, about stuff no one cares about, and it all ends up leading nowhere. You could have got a more cohesive story by taking your video camera to the mall and surreptitiously recording random conversations, and jumbling them all together in the editing room. Oh, and another thing. One of the lead actors plays TWO major characters. But his voice and his appearance are so distinctive that you think it's the same guy.

That one lead actor had so much screen time and he got two roles made me think "Is he related to the director? Talk about confusing the hell out of your audience!

The Night of the Chupacabras [A Noite do Chupacabras] Official Trailer HD

Avoid at all costs. I'm not kidding. The official running time is 89 minutes but it seems like 89 hours. This is a complete and total waste of 35mm film stock. Valuable chemicals were used and natural resources were expended in the making of this movie and the EARTH wants them back! Whoever worked on this should be embarrassed.

This is a major black mark on anyone who was associated with this film. Plan Nine from Outer Space is a masterpiece compared to this tripe.

Publisher's Summary

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