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Before entering the bathroom, I twisted out a cigarette and threw it into the garbage can. The security guard followed me into the bathroom, and he got very feisty. I allowed the experience to move through me.

Spiritual Self Defense

Then I spoke my case in one sentence, and let it go, while checking the trash can for smoke, not caring whether he understood my position or not. When I was resentful of the situation, I felt very drained. Once I turned my attention to what he was really poking at, then no power left my body. I was filled again. The issue was mindfulness. I was very spacey at the time. Sometimes, when someone is watching you like a hawk, waiting for you to screw up, it is easy to lose consciousness and screw up. That process could have been prevented through mindfulness. The changing of perspective brought a rush of energy and insight.

The experience became empowering rather than disempowering. Almost every time I was kicked off onramps for hitchhiking, I was headed the wrong way, anyway. There was something within those officers, an intent within the intent, that truly wanted to help. If I had gotten stuck in resentment in those situations, then I would have missed critical insights into what I should have done that would have been more in alignment with the higher purpose of the situation.

Listening is the key. Relaxing into the flow is the key to listening.

Spaciousness is love. Love is spaciousness. Where there is imbalance, there is a fiercely vibrating polarization. Spaciousness neutralizes that. Clinging to comfort and pushing away discomfort restricts space, just like restricted breath. It only perpetuates the imbalance. The soul is seeking wholeness. When we truly click with another person, sometimes we do the same things at the same time, speak the same words, etc… We feel truly present with such a person.

We can learn this process with friend and foe alike by remembering what such a process feels like. That is what it means to match the energy. It is also taught in some of the martial arts, too. Matching the energy is essential to the mirroring process. Matching is different from repulsion and reaction. Reactions also mirror the energy. However, it is in such a way that perpetuates rather then neutralizes the imbalanced energy.

To speak of ways of avoiding attack, it is important to speak of ways we invite attack. Even if the attitude is not expressed outwardly, it still emanates from within, vibrating outward into our environment, like ripples in a pond, creating poles, which, like a magnet, attract the appropriate corresponding poles to soften the disturbance and bring it into balance. This is one explanation of the principle of Cause and Effect, or Karma.

If we lack self compassion, compassion for ourselves and our own weaknesses, sometimes this is reflected in our environment, in other people. People enter our field whom may be especially hard on us — uncompassionate. Some people chant for protection. Every tradition has chants.

A deity is some aspect of our true selves, our souls.

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The symbol is a face of Divinity. Some gospel singers understand this concept very well. LSD takes us beyond the symbol to that which is beyond form - pure love and spaciousness. Allow the eyes to turn inward. Some people call on Jesus or Angels. Some visualize themselves in the eye of a storm, the safe center of the storm. This is followed by visualizing themselves surrounded and permeated by the protective pure white light of the Beloved. Sometimes, when in the presence of someone who is relaxed and peaceful, that light shines within us.

Whatever is not peaceful within us bubbles up to the surface. Everyone is clear where someone else is weak. This makes us all teachers and students. Processing whatever is triggered within us gives us the first clue to what it is we must learn from another. All the principles mentioned today contribute to centeredness. Centeredness is the key to knowing exactly how to respond authentically in each moment.

The more we practice it in peaceful situations, the better we can do so in tense situations. A solid spiritual practice is certainly recommended and helps us to improve on all of this stuff. Some people connect to that which is beyond form by connecting with nature, some by running, some by stretching, some by devotion to Jesus, some through energy, and some through song. A warm up on all levels — muscles, nature, intellect, emotion, energy, breath, imagination, etc…is recommended. Meditation becomes more natural in this way.

The most common response to this material is that it seems idealistic to the point that it is nonpracticable. None of us, except true saints, are perfectly present in each moment. Perfectionism can only hinder. The above-mentioned techniques are practicable and, with practice, will lead to greater presence and, therefore, greater authenticity of action. In other words, they will lead to more freedom, or to a larger range of options, in each moment. Practice is the key. With consistency, a series of mini-revolutions will add up to major shifts.

Be ready to face and embrace anything that surfaces into consciousness, especially emotions which were previously buried and suppressed. Some folks are highly sensitive and easily overwhelmed. Perhaps they are processing more than is normal in each moment. More often than not, there is a grounding issue. Grounding exercises and finding ways to generate feeling in the body will gradually take care of this issue.

The author has issues of this type himself. Through proper, consistent grounding exercises, the symptoms of overwhelm vanish. Keep a good momentum, and the process will continue to build. Begin with a self massage. Continue with stretching, especially if there is a part of the body that is asking you to stretch it.

Breathe into the stretch for at least three breaths. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Be aware of your body from top to bottom. Shift your awareness to the Earth, no matter how high above the ground you are. Remain aware of the body. With feet on ground, establish a connection from the base of your spine all the way to the core of the earth. Relax into it. The Earth is a living being which responds to your loving attention. Drain out any foreign tension you may have absorbed throughout the day.

Let it drain, through the cord that you created, into the Earth. Then, let the energy of the Earth rise into your body, nourishing every system in your bodymind. Remember to breathe with the abdomen. For the rhythmic souls out there, imagine a rhythm or drumbeat in the core of the Earth. Find a similar rhythm in your own body and connect with the core of the Earth.

Spiritual Cleansing And Psychic Self Defense Pdf

Kinesthetic souls can imagine a pulsation in place of the drumbeat. When you are around people, you can begin with centered, abdominal breathing, feeling the abdomen as it gently massages the lower back and pelvic floor. Relax and feel the person s inside of your body. The only place they exist is within.

Remember the Earth. Remember the Sky. Relax into both. Then, do the same with the feeling of Wind and Sun. Listen for natural sounds, like a rushing creek, the wind in the trees, crickets, or cicadas. Relax with the person s. Breathe into any uncomfortable sensation. Your field will expand into space, embracing more and more of the environmental field, and, events which were previously overwhelming - taking up a greater percentage of consciousness - will become a smaller fraction of your total experience, and therefore more easily processed.

Accepting them into yourself will become easier.

Psychic Self-Defense Techniques: Strategies for Spiritual Protection

It all starts with breath. Some say to breathe deeply with the abdomen. In the second approach, the breath gradually becomes deeper as mindfulness develops, without effort. Whatever works for you. The golden rule is to relax into every exercise, releasing tension and allowing experience to deepen. Find a favorite spot in nature, even if it is a flower garden, and relax into the environment. Scan the Earth with your palms and feel the biomagnetism.

Soften the palms with each movement. Give yourself a massage, then stretch. Breathe into it. Play your favorite music that takes you to a deep place within. Read your favorite spiritual text. Sing your favorite chants. Cart 0. Back Events Listings Schedule. Among the topics covered: Closing the aura to prevent intrusions. Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and how you can protect yourself from them. Placing a protective aura around your business to ensure prosperity. Utilizing holy objects for protection, empowerment and good luck. Practicing advanced psychic self-defense techniques, specifically for healers.

Shielding your personal belongings, including your financial assets.