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  4. John Lasseter

Lasseter realized that computers could be used to make films with three-dimensional backgrounds where traditionally animated characters could interact to add a new level of visually stunning depth that had not been possible before. He knew adding dimension to animation had been a longtime dream of animators, going back to Walt Disney himself. Later, he and Glen Keane talked about how great it would be to make an animated feature where the background was computer animated, and then showed Keane the book The Brave Little Toaster by Thomas Disch , which he thought would be a good candidate for the film.

Keane agreed, but first, they decided to do a short test film to see how it worked out and chose Where the Wild Things Are , a decision based on the fact that Disney had considered producing a feature based on the works of Maurice Sendak. Satisfied with the result, Lasseter, Keane and executive Thomas L. Wilhite went on with the project, especially Lasseter who dedicated himself to it, while Keane eventually went on to work with The Great Mouse Detective.

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Lasseter and his colleagues unknowingly stepped on some of their direct superiors' toes by circumventing them in their enthusiasm to get the Where the Wild Things Are project into motion. The project was cancelled while being pitched to two of Lasseter's supervisors, animation administrator Ed Hansen, and head of Disney studios, Ron W. Miller , due to lack of perceived cost benefits for the mix of traditional and computer animation. As Lasseter recalled, Hansen told him, "Well, John, your project is now complete, so your employment with the Disney Studios is now terminated.

While putting together a crew for the planned feature, Lasseter had made some contacts in the computer industry, among them Alvy Ray Smith and Ed Catmull at Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Group.

Stealing Three Kisses (German edition)

After being fired, and feeling glum knowing his employment with Disney was to end shortly, [29] : 40 Lasseter visited a computer graphics conference in November at the Queen Mary in Long Beach , where he met and talked to Catmull again. Catmull later telephoned Smith that day and mentioned Lasseter was not working at Disney.

Smith told Catmull to put down the phone and hire Lasseter right now. Because Catmull was not allowed to hire animators, he was given the title "Interface Designer"; [32] [33] "Nobody knew what that was but they didn't question it in budget meetings". His original idea had been to create only the backgrounds on computers, but in the final short everything was computer animated, including the characters.

Due to George Lucas 's financially crippling divorce, he was forced to sell off Lucasfilm Computer Graphics, by this time renamed the Pixar Graphics Group, founded by Smith and Catmull, with Lasseter as one of the founding employees. Over the next 10 years, Pixar evolved from a computer company that did animation work on the side into an animation studio. Disney announced that it would be purchasing Pixar on January 24, , and Lasseter was named the chief creative officer of both Pixar and Walt Disney Feature Animation, the latter of which he renamed Walt Disney Animation Studios.

He oversaw all of Walt Disney Animation Studios' films and associated projects as executive producer.

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He also received green-light power on films with Roy E. Disney 's consent. In December , Lasseter announced that Disney Animation would start producing animated shorts that will be released theatrically once more. Lasseter said he sees this medium as an excellent way to train and discover new talent in the company as well as a testing ground for new techniques and ideas.

The shorts will be in 2D, CGI, or a combination of both. As president and chief creative officer, respectively, they have supervised three separate studios for Disney, each with its own production pipeline: Pixar, Disney Animation, and Disneytoon. While Disney Animation and Disneytoon are located in the Los Angeles area, Pixar is located over miles kilometers northwest in the Bay Area, where Catmull and Lasseter both live. Accordingly, they appointed a general manager for each studio to manage day-to-day business affairs, then established a routine of spending at least two days per week usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Southern California.

Lasseter is a close friend and admirer of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki , whom he first met when TMS Entertainment sent a delegation of animators to the Disney studio in and showed a clip from Miyazaki's first feature film, The Castle of Cagliostro Lasseter is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and served nine consecutive years on its board of governors from to when he had to relinquish his seat due to term limits. On November 21, , Lasseter took a six-month leave of absence after acknowledging allegations of workplace sexual misconduct that he described as "missteps" with employees in a memo to staff.

On June 8, , Disney announced that Lasseter would be leaving the company at the end of the year, but took on a consulting role until then. On January 9, , three days before his 62nd birthday, Lasseter was hired to head Skydance Animation , which will produce animated films with Paramount Animation and Ilion Animation Studios.

Lasseter owns the "Marie E.

Johnston was able to take the locomotive around the Disneyland Railroad three times. This is the only time in history an outside locomotive has been permitted to operate on any of the Disney railroads. Lasseter brought his locomotive back to the Disneyland Railroad in June to celebrate the reopening of the railroad.

Lasseter lives in Glen Ellen, California with his wife Nancy, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University , whom he met at a computer graphics conference in San Francisco in On May 2, , Lasseter received an honorary doctorate from Pepperdine University , [54] where he delivered the commencement address. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  4. Hitler: A Short Biography;

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Retrieved November 21, Retrieved November 24, The Washington Post. Retrieved June 9, The New Zealand Herald. Pepperdine University. April The Whittier Daily News. November 1, Retrieved December 15, CNN Money. Moonshine Ink.

John Lasseter

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